Running for Willits City Council

Eligibility and Qualifications for Candidacy
The next City Council Election will be held on November 3, 2020. The three seats to be filled are those currently held by Mayor Gerardo Gonzalez, Councilmembers, Madge Strong and Saprina Rodriquez. To be eligible to run for City Council, a candidate must be a registered voter within the City of Willits at the time nomination papers are issued by the Deputy City Manager/City Clerk, be a U.S. Citizens, age 18 or older, a resident of the City of Willits residing within the City limits, and not convicted of designated crimes as specified in the Constitution and laws of the state.

Nomination Period
The nomination period is when individuals officially receive, circulate and file nomination papers for candidacy. The nomination period for candidates opens at 9:00am on July 13, 2020 and closes at 5:00pm on August 7, 2020. If an incumbent fails to submit nomination papers by this deadline, non-incumbent candidates will then have until 5:00pm on August 12, 2020 to file nomination papers.

Candidates must schedule an appointment with the Deputy City Manager/City Clerk to take out nomination papers. To schedule an appointment please contact Deputy City Manager/City Clerk Cathy Moorhead, (707) 459-7121, or email cmoorhead@cityofwillits.org

Additional information regarding the 2020 General Municipal Election and modifications made due to COVID-19 will be posted as more information becomes available.

Terms and Meeting Schedule

  • Council Members: Serve four (4) years, elected by the voters. If a Council Member resigns their seat, the City Council will decide whether to appoint a new person to serve the remainder of the term, leave the seat vacant until the next scheduled election, or hold a special election to fill the seat.
  • The three terms of office up for election are for the period of December 2020 through November 2024.
  • The Mayor is appointed by the City Council on an annual basis.
  • Each Council Member receives a monthly stipend of $200 per month and is eligible to receive medical benefits for both the Council member and spouse.

City Council meetings are held on the second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Wednesdays of each month at 6:30pm, as well as other special meetings, as scheduled. Council Members also sit on various Boards, Commissions, and Agencies on behalf of the City of Willits, when appointed by the Mayor.

Campaign Reporting Requirements
Candidates should review the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Campaign Disclosure Manual 2, which is available online at www.fppc.ca.gov. This manual provides information on campaign disclosure rules as required under the Political Reform Act. The FPPC provides advice by phone at 1 (800) 275-3772 or by e-mail at advice@fppc.ca.gov.

Election Calendar
2020 Candidate Handbook
Political Signs
California Secretary of State
Mendocino County Registrar of Voters
FPPC Candidate Toolkit
Election Results

Election Documents
Resolution 2020-29 Calling and Consolidating the Election
Notice of Municipal Election

Contact the Deputy City Manager/City Clerk’s Office
Please contact the Deputy City Manager/City Clerk’s Office by phone at (707) 459-7121 or by email at cmoorhead@cityofwillits.org  if you have any questions.

Candidate/Committee Economic Disclosure Forms - November 3rd Elections






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